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Here are a few testimonials from participants at Russ's ACT workshops:

Fabulous workshop, best I have ever attended. It was both inspiring and entertaining and I found it refreshing to find a presenter who was so honest in his presentation. I came away with a good balance of theoretical understanding and practical skills that I can apply to improve my own life as well as in my work with clients. I would highly recommend it to others.

Sarah Marshall, Psychologist, Sydney

One of the best workshops I've ever been to! This has been a fantastic experience for me, both professionally and personally. The mixture of theory, interspersed with many practical skill exercises & handouts has helped me to discover new strategies for dealing with my own struggles and for assisting my clients to live the lives they want to.

Sharon Clifford, Psychologist, Melbourne

Definitely one of the best workshops I have attended during my career! Very worthwhile and informative, and useful for my clinical practice. Russ presents the material in an accessible and enjoyable way, using both didactic and experiential approaches.

Elizabeth Ditton, Psychologist, Newcastle

This workshop was life-changing professionally and personally. The way the workshop was presented was superb. It not only explained the concepts of ACT well, it also demonstrated the strength of ACT through role-play and real life situations. Thank you for providing such a powerful and inspirational learning environment.

Caroline Jones, Psychologist, Wollongong

Russ's workshop was excellent. The combination of good lecture notes and material, therapy demonstration sessions, and great presentation style allowed me to take away real clinical skills. All in all, a very valuable experience. I am looking forward to the advanced workshop.

Jocelyn Harper, Intern Psychologist, Sydney

An excellent workshop that I'd recommend to anyone. Highly experiential, so you come away really understanding ACT in practice, yet at the same time Russ gives clear and helpful explanations.

Koa Whittingham, PhD Candidate (Clinical Psychology), Brisbane

A very special workshop ... truly excellent. The theoretical input and experiential activities were beautifully balanced, enabling an easy integration of the material (and a bit of personal growth along the way). Russ has a particular style of presentation which enables a quick and easy grasp of concepts. Moreover, I appreciated his openness and humanity.

Jennifer Stewart, Social worker, Brisbane

Russ is passionate and thoroughly knowledgeable about his subject. He conveys the information with great clarity and provides extensive opportunity for workshop participants to engage experientially with the material. This is one of the few workshop experiences I have walked away from with readily accessible skills. Within days of the workshop I was able to apply these skills in a very powerful way with my clients.

Michael du Sautoy, Clinical Psychologist (MAPS), Lennox Head, NSW

Genuine, calming, centreing. The presentation of this doctor, teacher, therapist is professional, sensitive, and all-encompassing. It's a personal shake-up done in the most respectful way. Russ allows the work to evolve so everyone feels supported. You leave refreshed and eager to try the strategies in your own practice setting.

Kate Donaldson, Mental Health Nurse, Hobart

Very informative and stimulating. His adaptations of the ACT techniques are particularly suitable for Australian clientele. His gentle and inspiring manner has also encouraged my own confidence and enthusiasm in the ACT approach.

Abigail Kazal, Clinical Psychologist, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

"An incredibly valuable workshop. Interesting, well paced, and very informative. The quality and delivery of presentation meant that I felt very engaged the whole time. I learnt a great deal and also had the opportunity to review and reinforce this information through the excellent notes that Russ provided.

Jo Clarke, Clinical Psychologist, Sydney

I found Russ to be an inspiring, lively, creative and authentic presenter. The experiential nature of the workshop provided a reflective and helpful process for personal growth and I found the material immediately applicable and constructive in working with clients. It was great to receive comprehensive notes with a description of useful exercises and techniques.

Lilian Wissink, Psychologist, Armidale, NSW

I was impressed with both the content and the presentation of the material. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and it was refreshing to get away from power point style presentations. The experiential component was very valuable from both a personal and therapeutic position. Russ's work with a volunteer from the group demonstrated that he is a very competent ACT practitioner as well as presenter.

Dianne Trivellion-Scott, Psychologist, Wollongong, NSW

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