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Simple Overview of ACT: To download a simple, non-technical, easy-to-read overview of ACT ( called 'Embracing Your Demons', an article which I wrote for Psychotherapy Australia magazine) click here.

Technical Overview of ACT: To download a paper by Steve Hayes (the main creator of ACT) which gives a good overview, (although be warned: it is heavy on technical jargon!),of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, click here

Mindfulness Training: To download a paper by Ruth Baer on Mindfulness Training As A Clinical intervention, click here

CBT VERSUS BEHAVIOURAL ACTIVATION: COMPONENT ANALYSIS: To download Neil Jacobson's well-designed component analysis of CBT, which shows that the cognitive restructuring component is unneccessary: click here

REPLICATION OF CBT COMPONENT ANALYSIS: This is a replication of Jacobson's component analysis above. To download, click here

DO WE NEED TO CHALLENGE THOUGHTS IN CBT? The title is self-explanatory. To download, click here

Experiential Avoidance: For a paper by Steve Hayes (warning: technical jargon!) which reviews Experiential Avoidance, the core pathological process in ACT, click here

ACT & Psychosis: For Bach and Hayes' remarkable paper on ACT with chronic psychosis, click here

ACT & Chronic Pain & Chronic Stress: A paper by Dahl & Wilson - click here

ACT & Substance Abuse: A paper by Kelly Wilson et al - click here

Values-centred Interventions In ACT: Superb article by Kelly Wilson - click here

Defining Mindfulness: An interesting article on mindfulness by Steve Hayes - click here

Technical Review of the ACT Model: A paper by Steve Hayes on ACT: the model, processes and outcomes (warning: technical jargon!) click here

The ACT Packet: "The ACT Packet" is a detailed handout including a list of published studies, a case formulation framework, and summaries of the core act processes and techniques, click here

ACT Hexaflex: A simple slideshow of the ACT model (known as the "ACT hexaflex"), click here

Useful Resources for RFT

RFT Made Simple: To connect to Eric Fox's easy-to-understand (and totally free) online tutorial on Relational Frame Theory - a sort of "RFT for Dummies", click here

Introducing RFT: To download a simple introduction to Relational Frame Theory, click here

More Introducing RFT: For a more detailed introduction to Relational Frame Theory, click here

ACT, RFT & Mindfulness: For a fascinating paper by Steve Hayes that theoretically ties together ACT, RFT and mindfulness, click here

Links to ACT and RFT Websites

ACT: To visit the official website for Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, click here

RFT: To visit the official website for Relational Frame Theory: click here

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